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Honey available while supplies last

Our delivery run for 2021 has been completed. However, you can still pick up Aberdeen Apiary honey from the following locations while supplies last :

Eternal Coffee located at 3979 West River Dr NE 

Switchback located at 2166 Plainfield Ave NE

Lucy's located at 1747 Plainfield Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49505

For larger orders of at least four jars, please e-mail us at aberdeenapiary@gmail.com.

Of course, you can still order our other products and swag through our online store.


How does your honey get from the hive to you?


Our Story

A different kind of honey

Honey is unlike any other food in the world. In its natural state, it is sweet, flavorful, and nutritious. The colony, season, environment, and available forage plants all contribute to the taste and color of honey.

At Aberdeen Apiary, we strive to preserve the uniqueness of honey as it is stored in the hive. This is accomplished through several methods. First, our bees are kept in a natural or urban environment. Unlike a farm, these areas offer a diverse range of forage for the bees which provides them many options to source their nectar. Our bees are not reliant on a single source of food (like clover) to stay alive. They have a diverse ecosystem they can rely on throughout the season. This not only allows the bees to maintain a well-balanced diet, but also results in honey which is unique to every hive.

When it's time to extract the honey from the frames, we work in small batches so that the many different flavors of honey across our several hives aren't mixed into one single flavor. Through this process, you are getting a product that, until now, you had to be a beekeeper to enjoy. It's like nothing you've ever had before.



I will be telling everyone I know about it. I've seriously never had honey this good.

Karen L.

Quality honey at a great price!

Kacey D.

I just had a piece of toast covered in it, and I absolutely could not believe how good it is!

Kylie P.