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River Yard

Survivor was purchased as a nucleus hive in 2018. It was the only hive out of 8 which survived the winter of 2018/2019. Despite surviving as only a small cluster of a few hundred bees, Survivor bounced back in the spring and became the strongest colony, producing over 200 pounds of extra honey that year.
Survivor lived up to its name and entered 2020 strong. It mothered two new hives that spring and produced about 100 pounds of honey that summer.
Survivor was booming after the false spring in April, 2021. Unfortunately, the following cold temperatures knocked the colony for a loop. Just as it looked like Aberdeen's oldest hive was calling it quick, Survivor did what it does best and bounced back. By early July, the colony was full strength. It went on to produce a modest 30 pounds of honey. But more importantly, Survivor finished the summer ready for winter.
2022 better look out!

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